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We look to work with developers at Landev, to help create them a production line of development sites, allowing them to grow. Let us know what type of sites you prefer at the moment and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for.


We search for sites off plan. Sites that have not come to the market but possibly will be built on within 5 years


Subject to planning sites often achieve higher prices but take longer. It is always a balance between risk and return.


A number of owners look for unconditional offers for their potential development sites.


Consented sites with planning achieve the highest value.

" Performance, Passion and Integrity, Creates Success! "

Landev – Land and Development

What we do

Landev was formed as a behind the scenes Land agency, identifying and negotiating solutions for land and property owners as well as developers. We provide an individual and professional service, from years of knowledge, and we really enjoy what we do.

Land Owners We have an extensive data base of developers that ranges from individual developers to large house-buiders who are genuine and actively performing. Land is handled confidentially and mindfully. We work closely with land owners to find right buyers and we only work with developers who operate with integrity. This is how we build lasting and effective partnerships.

Developers Landev works with developers and PLC house-builders across the Uk, identifying and acquiring off market sites with potential. Helping our clients to create a production line of development sites to fit their requirements. We are well versed in assisting you also to release surplus stock or stock that you do not wish to build out.

Property and Business Owners We offer a discreet service, arranging the sale of your land, portfolio or commercial property. Often descisions are strategic and we are asked to assist in complex confidential situations.

We handle options, subject to planning developments, consented schemes and investment portfolio’s. Our stock mainly comes from repeat business, recommendations or via our active search and selection process.

Please do get in touch if you are looking for an honest reliable service.


A Bit About Us

Each completed project drives us further, to raise the bar and improve. To find more land, more developments and continue to be the best we can be. As a result we deliver.


Private Clients


Land Promotion acres


Sites Available


Counties covered


Development Projects

Surrey – Unconditional

Unconsented site in Haslemere. This 2.3 acre site is in a prime location and is within 5 minutes walk of Central Haslemere. At Landev we like to work with Developers ‘We Like, We Know, We Trust.’

Kent – Consented

Consented scheme for 49 units centrally located in a Kent town. We specifically search, find and negotiate for you. This identification can take place across the UK.

Surrey- Promotion

planning, residential, Surrey
Residential scheme for 34 units in Surrey Heath district. Superbly situation and to be sold once planning has been achieved.

Surrey – Subject to Planning

We actively approach potenital development sites which can be acquired unconditionally, promoted or optioned subject to planning. Let us know the area you are keen on and we will place you in our system or if you are a land owner please do contact us.


Private Clients

Landev Private Clients

Landev Private Clients works with hand-picked development companies that ‘we like, we know and we trust’ offering a bespoke service to off-market site acquisition

Landev has created a unique Private Clients structure that allows us to work closely with a select number of excellent development companies, giving them premier access to our off-market development sites. We individually work with a Private Client to directly source and acquire to their specific targeted requirements.

Land and Property Owners

For development land owners, this means your site is offered firstly to the very best, high quality buyers who are looking specifically for your type of development and are ready to proceed. We won’t devalue your site by showing it to a huge number of developers, as this makes it less attractive to the serious buyers who are ready to perform.

Why we work differently.

Landev enjoys providing enlightened service, it is what makes us tick. Performance, integrity and honesty is key to everything we do.

Landev’s point of difference to other land agents is that we work with you as part of a land acquisition team and take time to getting to know you and how you like to work. How many sites do you want to acquire, what type of site, where are your specific target areas, what does your current production line look like, how are you funded? These are some of the questions we will ask. Then after discussion we will look to assist in all areas where performance can be improved in addition to creating a specifically targeted acquisition program. This tailor-made service helps us feel integrated into your land and business growth program, positioning you with the right types of sites at the right time.

Our years of experience

Before Landev, John Whiteman’s career started in property, he gained his knowledge from a path that strands from agency to land buying and into developing in Central London. As helping people and business is his passion, he then went on to successfully turning around the fortunes of over 100 companies. As a company troubleshooter he understands what a business needs to do, to avoid the common pit falls and how even small gaps in its pipeline can affect a business as a whole

Extra support for small to medium sized developers.

Without the infrastructure of Plc’s, Landev can provide development companies extra support. The type of support that is right for you, with individuals and small teams there will be some areas that are not being being filled and this slows down or even holds back a company. Think of Landev as your extra player, one that can cover the gaps in your team allowing you to score more goals.


We are still going to supply other developers with great service and high quality development sites, as we happy to adapt to all our clients’ needs. If you are not one of our private clients but would like to see if any level of this tailor-made premium service would be of benefit to your company, then please contact us.


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