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We look to work with developers at Landev, to help create them a production line of development sites, allowing them to grow. Let us know what type of sites you prefer at the moment and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for.


We focus on origination unlocking potential development sites across the UK and only working with Developers and Promoters We like, We Know, We Trust and those that Perform. Maximising land owner value is important to us.


Sourcing and Delivering Commercial opportunities for select clients.


For many housing associations/RP’s together with our MMC strategic partner look to source and deliver sites on a Turnkey basis. We identify throughout the UK.

BTR, Student and SFH

With a Team of people based in key cities in the UK we identify and bring forward both Build-to-Rent, Single Family Homes and Student sites.

" Performance, Passion and Integrity, Creates Success! "

Landev – Land and Development

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